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Rental deposit guarantee instead of a security deposit

Do you already have a rental deposit held in a bank account? No problem! Replace your existing bank deposit with a rental deposit guarantee. The guarantee gives your landlord the same degree of security as a bank deposit. And you get your money back – along with the flexibility to use it for other things.

It couldn't be easier:


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Confirmation of the deposit guarantee is sent straight to your landlord

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How can the rental deposit be replaced?

You know the problem. You want to buy something special or have to make some repairs unexpectedly but don't have the cash to hand and don't want to take out a small loan to pay for it. It's all the more annoying when you have a large sum of money, which is actually yours, tied up in a rental deposit account at the bank. The answer is to simply get your rental deposit back by obtaining a rental deposit guarantee. All you need is to give us a few details from your rent contract for our insurance partner GENERALI to issue a guarantee covering your rental deposit. This enables you to rent your dream apartment without having to provide the rental deposit demanded by the landlord. It's time to go to talk with your landlord.


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