Rental deposit insurance

Rental deposit insurance is basically a form of rental deposit guarantee in which an insurer promises to cover the landlord for the amount of the requested security deposit. Landlords can assert their claims under tenancy law through the rental deposit guarantee.


Who should think about rental deposit insurance?

All tenants who would prefer to invest their money in furnishing their new home.

Tenants who do not have the necessary financial resources to hand.

Businesses that don't want to place unnecessary restrictions on their liquidity.


How does rental deposit insurance benefit tenants?

Tenants no longer have to provide a cash deposit, letting them use their money for other things.

Tenants can replace a rental deposit currently held in a bank account with rental deposit insurance, leaving them free to use their money as they wish.

Tenants can cancel the rental deposit insurance at any time by asking the landlord to return the guarantee certificate.


How does rental deposit insurance benefit landlords?

Landlords have the same degree of security as with a normal rental deposit held in a bank account.

No need to worry about the administrative effort of opening a rental deposit account.

Can rest assured that the tenant is able to pay (credit check by AdunoKaution).


Who is liable in the event of a claim?

As the rental deposit insurance is a form of guarantee (see also the introduction to this page), in the event of a claim the insurer pays the claimed amount to the landlord up to the maximum amount of the agreed rental deposit and then collects the equivalent amount from the tenant.

Who is liable in the event of a claim?


Who can take out rental deposit insurance, what conditions are there?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

The rental property must be in Switzerland.

The credit check for the last 12 months must be positive.

The maximum guarantee amount is CHF 20,000.


How much does rental deposit insurance cost?

The premium is made up of 4.9% of the requested deposit amount per year, an annual administration fee and 5% federal stamp duty. Our rental deposit guarantee calculator lets you see at a glance how high your premium will be.
The annual premium always covers a period of 12 months (for example, 01.10.15 – 30.09.16).


How long do I need to pay premiums for?

For as long as your lease is valid or until you replace the guarantee with a deposit in the bank or your landlord returns the guarantee certificate to AdunoKaution.


Where and how can I apply for rental deposit insurance?

The easiest way is directly through the website.
Fill out the application form with details of your tenancy agreement before sending it to us.


You can find further frequently asked questions here.

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