You rent your dream home – we guarantee the deposit!

Rental deposit guarantee instead of bank deposit

Whether you are signing a new lease, replacing an existing security deposit or need advance confirmation of a rental deposit guarantee for your future landlord – Aduno Kaution will vouch for you as tenant, enabling you to rent your dream home without a bank deposit!

New lease

You often have to provide up to three months' rent in advance as a security deposit for the landlord.

The easyKaution solution from AdunoKaution, replaces this deposit with a guarantee, giving you the flexibility to use your money for other purposes.

Deposit replacement

Do you already have a rental deposit held in a bank account?

In that case, AdunoKaution can replace your existing security deposit with the easyKaution rental deposit guarantee, giving you the flexibility to use your money for other things.

Advance confirmation

Would you like to rent a new home?

Request advance confirmation of the rental deposit guarantee now – free of charge and with no obligation.

This advance confirmation guarantees that AdunoKaution will stand surety for your deposit, thus giving you an advantage over other prospective tenants. 

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