Insurance brokerage: duty to provide information pursuant to Article 45 IOA

The following customer information provides a brief overview on the insurance broker, the insurance company and contractual relations.

  1. The insurance broker

    AdunoKaution AG is a company limited by shares with their registered office at Hagenholzstrasse 56, 8050 Zurich (hereafter referred to as "AdunoKaution").

  2. Insurance products and the insurance company

    The rental deposit insurance offered by AdunoKaution is an insurance product of GENERALI Allgemeine Versicherungen AG, Avenue Perdtemps 23, 1260 Nyon (hereafter referred to as "GENERALI").

  3. Contractual relations with insurance companies

    AdunoKaution and GENERALI signed a cooperation agreement coherent to the brokerage of rental deposit insurance products. AdunoKaution is associated with GENERALI for the purpose of Swiss insurance oversight legislation. GENERALI pays a commission to AdunoKaution for each insurance contract brokered.

  4. Liable person

    The insurance company specified above holds liability for mistakes, negligence or passing on incorrect information regarding brokerage of insurance contracts to AdunoKaution.

  5. Processing of personal data

    When processing data during the course of a brokerage activity, AdunoKaution guarantees to comply with the Swiss Data Protection Act and handle data confidentially. During the contractual term AdunoKaution, in its role as an insurance broker, will process the data provided by customers as well as the additional personal data collected for the purpose of examining the application. AdunoKaution will use the data in order to assess creditworthiness and for further risk clarification, to settle claims and for other purposes related to contractual performance.

    For this purpose, AdunoKaution will also pass on the data to the company and may also disclose them to further parties involved in contractual performance, within Switzerland and abroad. The data will be stored electronically and/or physically for the duration prescribed by law.

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