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Renting without a deposit?

You've found the perfect new home but have to pay up to three months' rent to the landlord as a security deposit, and you haven't got that much change? No problem! The easyKaution deposit guarantee from AdunoKaution provides an inexpensive alternative to the usual rental deposit at a bank. Your landlord receives the same degree of security as with a bank deposit, while you gain more financial flexibility. The easyKaution deposit guarantee is intended exclusively for private individuals and can be terminated at any time.

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What is easyKaution?

The easyKaution rental deposit guarantee from AdunoKaution allows you to rent your apartment without paying a deposit. Instead of depositing up to three months' rent with your landlord, you can keep that money for anything else you might like to do with it.

AdunoKaution issues a guarantee for you in the amount of the rental deposit; in return, you pay an annual guarantee premium. In the event of a claim, we undertake to reimburse your landlord for things like damage caused by the tenant or outstanding rent payments. We later reclaim the amounts involved from you.

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