AdunoKaution, an Aduno Group company

Activity – Renting without a deposit

AdunoKaution is a leading broker of rental deposit insurance, a modern and affordable alternative to traditional bank deposits. In conjunction with our product and distribution partner GENERALI we sell guarantees for rental deposits throughout Switzerland.

Aduno Group – the smart way to pay

The Aduno Group offers products and services for cashless payment: from card issuing activities (Viseca Card Services SA) to personal loans and leasing (cashgate AG) to deposit guarantees (AdunoKaution AG and SmartCaution SA). As a leading company for private and business clients, the Aduno Group is a fair and transparent partner. The Aduno Group is wholly owned by the largest Swiss retail and cantonal banks (Raiffeisen Group, all the cantonal banks, Migros Bank, Bank Cler and a number of commercial and private banks).


The products – easyKaution for private tenants and businessKaution for corporate clients – are guarantees for renters of residential and commercial properties.

Company history

The company began operating on the Swiss market in March 2010 as EuroKaution AG. In November 2014, the Aduno Group acquired 100% of the shares of EuroKaution AG, after which the company was renamed AdunoKaution AG in May 2015.

Registered office

AdunoKaution has its headquarters in Oerlikon, Zurich.

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